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Too many people endure silently and unnecessarily from drug abuse because they believe it is meant to be a private secret, or they don’t understand how to get help. By using their self-control alone, many addicts try and fail to stop using, but drug abuse isn’t an illness that can be overcome with strength of mind. The highly skilled substance addiction experts at Drug Rehab Philadelphia have years of experience treating drug abuse kindly and effectively, using medically-proven treatment techniques. Drug Rehab Philadelphia challenges the popular misconception that drug addiction is a decision, instead, treating it as a disease.


What Is Drug Addiction?


What is drug addiction if it isn’t a decision? Scientists and psychologists think substance abuse disorder – often called addiction, drug abuse, or substance dependency – is a long-term sickness that will have to be managed and monitored, but can’t ever be ‘cured.’ The likening of drug addiction and illnesses like diabetes and hypertension is quite apt, because while people do not specifically choose to have those sicknesses, they usually don’t exercise or make ideal eating choices. The illness of substance addiction itself makes it inconceivable to control the hunger for drugs or alcohol, since drug abuse changes the mind to where choice is not a possibility anymore.


Consequences of Drug Addiction


Any abuse of legal or illegal drugs, including pharmaceutical medicine and alcohol, is thought of as a substance abuse disorder. The mental and social side effects of substance abuse can be just as dangerous as the various mental and medical results (diseases of the nervous system, blood-borne diseases, immune deficiencies, multiple organ failure, brain damage, etc). Substance abuse regularly results in the addict engaging in dangerous activities, including driving under the influence, criminal activities, preventable injuries, and dysfunctional behaviors that result in unhealthy relationships with family, at work, and within the larger population.


How Drug Rehab Philadelphia Treats Addiction


Philadelphia Rehabilitation Centers can address addiction to any substance, such as cocaine, opiates (hydrocodone, heroin, oxycodone), bath salts, marijuana, prescribed drugs, hallucinogens, and many others. For example, a person suffering from dependency on prescription painkillers could go to Hydrocodone Rehab Philadelphia to address the specific complications of detoxing from, withdrawal from, and addiction to hydrocodone. To be able to treat such a wide range of addictions, Treatment Programs Philadelphia customizes a rehab plan for every client, taking into consideration their physical, mental, social, medical, vocational, and emotional situation.


Drug Rehab Philadelphia’s recovery group consists of specialists that treat each aspect of recovery, including assessment, medical care, counseling, education, lifestyle coaching, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention training, introduction to self-help and support groups, treatment of mental disorders and emotional problems, family education and therapy, and follow-up care. Their residential treatment center takes all the best possible parts of inpatient treatment (24/7 supervision and medical personnel and outpatient treatment (access to ‘real world’ situations’ and off site self-help group meetings). While residing in beautiful, comfortable residential accommodations, clients participate in group and one-on-one counseling, behavioral modeling therapy, daily self-help group meetings, recreational activities, daily trips to the gym, and other social activities. Call Philadelphia Rehabilitation Centers’ recovery experts for additional details regarding rehabilitation facilities, the effects of drug use, or substance abuse in general.